Visual game discovery explained

pangamea is a visual way to discover mobile games. Quickly glance over tons of animations of actual gameplay to find the ones that you like. This is a much faster and natural way to discover games. Of course, you can always look for new games directly on Google Play or the App Store. However, in pangamea we try to make things much more visual and fluid:

  • No game icons or fancy graphics - these make games stand out on the stores, but don't really tell you much about the actual game
  • No cinematics - annoying little movies that pretend to be like the game to build a story, but are very different from the actual gameplay
  • No long intros - who cares about the name of the studio/publisher/sponsors to build excitement? Just show me some gameplay!
  • No TL;DR descriptions - Very little blah blah. We focus on the visual. Our game descriptions are shorter than a tweet.
  • No ratings or user written reviews - All games in pangamea are highly rated so you shouldn't be worried about getting a total dog.

  • pangamea makes it much easier to find interesting looking games. For example, browsing Google Play for popular games gives gives you something like this:

    Play Store

    Whereas with pangamea you get more descriptive gameplay previews at a glance:

    Yes, we have been toying with this Tinder swiping concept lately, but we honestly think our grid view is much more userful. It's like a firehose of gameplay bits. There is just no faster way to discover mobile games.

    You can access directly on your phone. All games that we list are available for both iOS and Android.