What is pangamea?

pangamea is new way to visually discover mobile games. It is a website and a mobile app where you can see 5-second clips of real gameplay and quickly find out how each game really looks when you actually play it. On the mobile app you can swipe right on games that you like and make stash of cool games.

What makes pangeamea different from traditional app stores and marketplaces?

We are all about fast visual discovery of games. We only have images of real gameplay. We don't have any logos, long video credits or cinematics that do not tell you much about the game itself. We have no TL;DR descriptions or reviews; not even star ratings. We believe your own eyes are the best tool to find out if a game is interesting or not.

How do you select the games that are featured in pangamea?

We hand pick every game and make sure that there is a good reason for each of them to be included. We focus on great looking games from all genres with interesting gameplay. We only feature high quality games and leave out all obvious copies and imitations. We have a mixture of popular games as well as indie and off the beaten path options that we believe are totally worth your time. We also throw in a few classics to complete the mix.

How is pangamea different from other gaming and game review websites?

There are a lot of cool sites where you can read long detailed reviews of new and upcoming games. There are even specialized websites where you can see hours of actual gameplay video of some games. However, they all tender to gaming enthusiasts and aficionados. They are not a good option for regular people and casual gamers that are just looking for a nice mobile game to spend some time. They are tired of the same "top games" always suggestted by the stores, but they do not have the time or interest to read long reviews or go to specialized websites. pangamea offers a quick visual way to go over lots of games and find the ones that you like.

Why is it so difficult to find new interesting games on traditional app stores and marketplaces?

* Game icons are a terrible way to discover games. They are a nice artistic representation of each game, but they don't really tell you much about how a game really looks when you play it. Unfortunately, icons are still the primary way to browse games in traditional stores and market places. Yes, you can click on them and see screenshots and sometimes even videos. But it just takes too much effort when all you want to see is actual gameplay.
* Top game rankings are heavily dominated by the same game companys that spend millions of dollars in advertising every day in order to keep their games up there. It is very difficult for a new cool game to break though and make it to the top rankings. Yes, there are some that get lucky for a while, but for the most part top lists tend to feature the same games for several months. Some games even manage to remain there for several years!
* The trailer/marketing videos included in some game listings contain long introductions, credits and cinematics before they show you any real gameplay. Sometimes you have to wait 30 seconds or a whole minute before you actually get to see how the game really looks. This is a very inefficient way to discover games.
* Searching is a rigged game. Developers have long learned to use keywords and search optimization techiques to make their games appear higher in search results. This makes it difficult to find the game that you are looking for.
* Everything (icons, videos, descriptions) is optimized to maximize clicks and game installs. The goal is not to give an accurate representation of the game. Often you end up disappointed after spending time (and sometimes money) in downloading a game that is nothing like what you expected.

How can I recommend a game to be featured in pangamea?

Shoot us a tweet at @getpangamea with a link to the game you want to recommend. The game is more likely to be featured in pangamea if it fits our editorial guidelines:
* It is available for both iOS and Android (this may change in the future, but right now it is a requirement)
* Innovative/original gameplay, game mechanics or some interesting element that makes it stand out
* We are all about visual discovery, so we are biased towards games that look great

How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is on twitter at @getpangamea. If you really must send us an email, you can use this form.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, our privacy policy is available at

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